Labor & Trade Programs

Laborers support our infrastructure, and those who work in trades should have our wholehearted support and commendation. Securing widespread access to trade schools is the key to ensuring all Marylanders have the chance to succeed. By investing in training programs, we can provide a way for both students and adults to learn a skill that they can earn a living on.

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Competitive Education

Many of our students depend on after school programs. Without them, they have nowhere to go. Today, most homes have the parent or parents working full time, and these after school programs provide an outlet for these children who would otherwise be left on their own. If we want to build a strong community, these after school programs are our ticket. We need to ensure each school district has the funding they need to keep these programs going, to not only give our kids an outlet, but to provide them with skills they’ll only learn from extracurricular activities.

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Strengthening Families

Having a child is already expensive enough as it is. Adding to that, many employers do not provide nearly enough paid family leave, if at all. If we want to create a stable family environment, we need to ensure the child is being cared for during the most critical time of their life—as an infant. If we want to encourage strong family values, it starts with allowing the parent or parents to be home together when their child is born.

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