An Eastern Shore native, Michael Welker is running to represent the communities of the 36th District in the Maryland House of Delegates.

Home to farmers, watermen, and other hardworking Marylanders, the communities of the 36th district deserve the best leadership to represent them in Annapolis. It’s time for policy and legislation that prioritizes people over parties to ensure that Maryland – including the Eastern Shore – remains at the forefront to lead our nation into the future.


Together we make all the difference

Meet & Greet with Michael Welker

If you didn't get a chance to come to my fundraiser last night, you're in luck! We recorded my speech so you don't have to miss out! You can visit my website at www.welkerformaryland.com to [...]

Labor & Trade Programs

Laborers support our infrastructure, and those who work in trades should have our wholehearted support and commendation. Securing widespread access to trade schools is the key to ensuring all Marylanders have the chance to succeed. By investing in training programs, we can provide a way for both students and adults to learn a skill that they can earn a living on.

Agricultural Sustainability

We can work together for the growth of our local economy by rewarding the use of innovative farming technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of agricultural processes and give farmers the capacity and room they need to do what they do best. Annapolis likes to slam our farmers with burdensome regulations without actually talking to the farmers first. Farmers understand the importance of a healthy and clean environment more than anyone, so shouldn’t we be listening to their concerns?

Affordable Healthcare

Why should someone’s inability to afford a hospital bill be a death sentence? No matter what their financial situation may be, every Marylander should able to access, afford, and receive quality healthcare. But pushing for a state funded universal healthcare, we can achieve this.

Competitive Education

Many of our students depend on after school programs. Without them, they have nowhere to go. Today, most homes have the parent or parents working full time, and these after school programs provide an outlet for these children who would otherwise be left on their own. If we want to build a strong community, these after school programs are our ticket. We need to ensure each school district has the funding they need to keep these programs going, to not only give our kids an outlet, but to provide them with skills they’ll only learn from extracurricular activities.

Meet Mike

As an Eagle Scout and someone who has worked with non-profit organizations, Mike understands the importance of leadership, community involvement, and hard work, and he strives to apply those values to his everyday life.
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Mike’s Priorities

Mike is dedicated to building our communities through bettering our children’s schools, our local economies, our agricultural strength, our digital infrastructure, and our neighborhoods.

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